Stella at Tyvoan Bothy

I would have liked to take a picture of the stars, but I was unable to do so. They were amazing, though.

Free at last from city light,

the stars stretch forth

and reclaim the night

in one grand swath

of dust.


They are as cold

as the highland winds

that cut through

every layer I’m wearing,

but still I stand

looking up

at their distant wonder

and feel

a familiar warmth.


I am frozen

by their beauty,

a gaping statue

surrounded by rock

and frozen heath,

gazing into the eternity

of their expanse,

seeing them with fresh eyes,

becoming reborn

beyond Lochan Uaine

and beneath

Meall a’Bhuachaille,

a traveler

in distant lands

who sees in stars

that home

is everywhere


and without.


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